Sananda Ascension Essences

Garden of SanandaSananda - the name of my garden.
Ascension - living and being our highest potential.
Essences - vibrational flower and mineral infusions.

The complete story of each of the 32 flower and mineral essences, with suggested I AM affirmations and more information on general use is related in the spiral bound manual. Here are the abbreviated definitions.

AMETHYST restores balance and harmony. For purification and transmutation.

BLUE ROCK QUARTZ supports the next quantum leap in life's circumstance by helping integrate Divine Will with our own highest potential. For guidance and clarification of right action. Restores and aligns us with Divine Order, facilitating the merge that leads to Ascension.

CHERRY BARK for resilience and new hope. A fresh start. The 'let's begin again' essence.

CITRINE resonates with the future. Empowers the intent, serving as an anchor, a foundation upon which to embody the heart's song. May assist concentration.

COLUMBINE is a trigger to accelerate Divine Inspiration or Intuition, and is attuned to the Second Ray of Enlightenment.

ClematisCLEMATIS the essence of Emergence. For the 'mother', to support her in the purity of her intent. For all birthing new realities or experiencing the winds of change. Transformation.

for help in stimulating and integrating the Gifts of Spirit, the qualities of our God-Self - Ascension consciousness.

DANBURITE assists in Light frequency integration, remembrance of Diamond or Radiant Being. The Star Light connection. The Star or Sun that you are.

Delphinium honors the Angel that you are DELPHINIUM angelic in quality. Delphinium has a lightness that allows one to touch hearts with Nature, the Song of Creation, Angels, Devas and Animal Kingdoms. Delphinium honors the Angel that you are.

for renewal of joyous and childlike enthusiasm, retrieval of sweet innocence, gentleness and Love for that inner 'Child of Light'. For those 'can't get going' days. Bears the frequency of Innocence.

DUTCH IRIS for unification on all levels of our life and being. Facilitates the integration or bridging of chakras, energies, new ideas or group activities. Unity consciousness, Oneness or wholeness.

EASTER LILY for Joy and Celebration! For the resurrection of every cell in our being into Enlightenment. For inspiration, clarity of intent, enthusiasm and new beginnings. Easter Lily resonates with the harmonics of the Resurrection Flame. The essence of Purity.

FAIRY ROSE nurtures the Children of Light. Welcome to Earth Star baby. A gift to the Child of Light within - assists in the upliftment of that Child towards its highest potential. A support in new surroundings.

FLUORITE - the 'letting go' essence, of unwanted habits or old fears and beliefs. Soothes a mind in turmoil allowing serenity and tranquility. May help insomnia due to an overactive mind. Bears the tone of Freedom.

FORSYTHIA promotes a richness in consciousness that opens the gateway to abundance! For more laughter and friends, financial freedom or better health. For encouragement. The essence of Prosperity Consciousness, symbolic of Ascension.

GARLIC CHIVES for the shy and hesitant. For help in expressing the innate innocence and purity that may be dormant or reluctant to come forth. A very gentle essence bearing the frequency of Harmlessness. Promotes self worth.

LAPIS LAZULI supports all in a leader, teacher, visionary or guardianship role. Gives assistance in presenting new options to others. For all who are physically or symbolically playing the role of father, mentor or counselor.

MEIDILAND ROSE for true Love. For those in need of more Love on those 'out of sync' days. Bears the frequency of Trust, the knowing that one is truly loved and supported, by the Universe and All That Is.

MOLDAVITE for healing the rift, bridging the gap. Heals the idea of separation, isolation or alienation between Source and other aspects of self. Resonates with the Tone of Tranquility.

MOUNTAIN LAUREL an atomic accelerator. A catalyst that helps awaken, anchor the Light Body and clarify the 'who am I, why am I here' syndrome. Energizes cellular remembrance that there is no death only transformation, regeneration and rejuvenation.

PARSLEY inspires fresh insights, allowing one to view things from a higher perspective. Useful in reviewing unmindfulness and transcending seeming obstacles to the future. Encourages tolerance.

PEONY supports one in the process of forgiveness and compassion, in surrendering blame and anger. Dispels feelings of inadequacy. Teaches one to be gentle with oneself. Bears the frequency of Grace.

PINE ROOT recharges, energizes and stabilizes. Helps one get out of the head and into the heart. A grounding device for the airborne! Assists in the knowing that we are where we need to be. Quickens the root chakra.

ROSE QUARTZ vibrates to the quality of Love. Helps assimilation and expression of Love, bringing a gentle calmness that allows one to 'carry on'. Think pink and open your heart!

Shasta DaisySHASTA DAISY for empowerment. For reclamation and right use of power that was at any time lost or relinquished. Assists in severing psychic chords or attachments to any person, place, condition or thing. Use for fear based issues and claim your responsibilities!

SEA OATS for flexibility, adaptability and tolerance. Prepares the mind for higher truths and change - transformation. Ascension!

SILVER MAPLE BARK helps us apply the courage of our convictions, those inner knowings or soul's promptings that must express and be fulfilled. A support and spiritual ally for those who feel they 'go it alone'. For transition.

Simplicity RoseSIMPLICITY ROSE for the perfectionist! For honoring and accepting self. Self and others, just as they are, allowing that all is in Divine Order - in accordance with the Law of free will. Bears the keynote of Acceptance.

SunchokeSUNCHOKE activates or accelerates the eighth chakra, our own 'Sunflower', gateway to Source. Helps anchor a higher order of truth and remembrance of Being. Resonates with Solar Consciousness, the Brotherhood of the Sun, Order of Melchizedek.

Sunflower SUNFLOWER for Victory. For Sovereignty. For alignment with, and the courage to claim our Birthright, our Divine Inheritance and Royal Lineage. Bears the frequency of Infinity Consciousness.

Virginia bluebellsVIRGINIA BLUEBELLS for remembrance of the Divine Mother principle, permitting a free flowing state of Grace. Allows expression of one's creative or feeling nature. Resonates with the frequency of Holy Spirit. Excellent for all healing ceremonies.

WEDDING PHLOX for simplification of daily living. Assists in prioritizing those priorities and getting rid of the stuff. A soothing balm for bumpy transitions. A tranquilizer for Lightworkers on the go.

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