Buddha and Me

January 1993 - As I sat to meditate, Loreli my little longhaired dachshund came to sit with me. A seven year old ex-show girl, kennel dog, and brood bitch - she had been with us for only a few months. Every time someone came to visit she would race through the house shouting "the aliens are coming, the aliens are coming!" Eventually it dawned on me she was the alien! Now, very gently - so very gently, she touched my arm and gazed hesitantly into my eyes. Would she speak? Tightly I held her -I merge with this one in my arms, I merge and unite with her at heartlevel. I see her bright, bright eyes peering out of her little pointed face. It is Loreli's face and yet - it is merged with the picture of an alien on the front cover of Sedona Journal of Emergence (Vol 2 No 12). Loreli's bright black eyes merge into the great blue ones in the painting and I call forth the Holy Christ Self of Loreli - if there is such a thing. My spine tingles and words come:

"In this case there is - and this one comes to you in gentleness, and this one comes to you in love. And this one comes in trust that it would be taken care of and protected, and given a base from which to operate, to perform its task in canine form. No dog is this one - from the far, far distant star systems she comes. Through the Pleiadies yes, but not from.

Her race is a race of very gentle beings who are not familiar with the human form - being contained within the human form, and thus it is she appears wild and uncontrollable at times. It is hard for her to adjust, to contain her energies in such a very small and compact frame. No great frame has she herself in her own domain, but she and her kind have the capabilities of expanding it, expanding their sensations so that they feel they are vast beings - as indeed they are.

They expand themselves, and merge with one another in their expanded state and operate as one, retracting to their individual form, their individual selves to go about their daily business, their daily lives. And this expanded form, this merged essence - might be described as community living. And so it is hard for her to remain continually in the contracted form without the release of the expansion, the merged essence. In her dream state of course she is free, otherwise it would be impossible for her to hold to this pattern without shattering.

Her job? To assist - as all have come, to assist. She was the one who volunteered and was chosen to be an extension of this system. What is her focus? What did she come to do? To be here. To be here. We want to help too was their hearts desire, we want to help, too. And so we sent our best and finest and purest of heart - to dwell amongst you and raise your consciousness by our presence. To raise your vibrations through feeling our love. (And so great was the Love I felt, that emotion overcame me, and the tears flowed copiously down my cheeks)

We have no gallant battle to play, to fight - for we see your fights as play, destructive play - and we hoped that by living amongst you we could awaken the joy of living in you, teach you to express the gaiety and freedom that is the inherent right of each - by watching our gaiety and joyfulness, our freedom of expression, our dance through life. We thought perhaps you might take note and join us, and share with us our enthusiasm, our appreciation and our love for the life our Creator has given to us, to you - to all who are in form. To all who have consciousness.

This one has spoken.

She has the support of her own kind - beamed to her you might say. This is the only way we can present a picture to you of how she receives the support of her own kind. No, they have not incarnated upon your Earth before, and never - or if so, very rarely, as an experiment, in human form. It would be too hard for them. It would be too hard. They can only come in a loving form that must also receive constant love in order for it to exist. Without this love, this replenishment, they would simply fade away and not be.

Her team - for her team you might say is stationed upon the Pleaides, the support team with which she is in contact in her sleep, send blessings to you and give thanks that you care for one of us in such a loving manner. Allow her to express this love - our love, her freedom - our freedom, to choose with whom and where we may exchange our joy in as many ways as possible, and she shall fulfill our hopes. The hopes of her community, her homeland, her own land."

Me: And so I ask of you, her team. Help her to stay fit and healthy. Help her to maintain a perfect physical form. And when the time comes for her to return to you, I ask that you take her in peace. Take her in love, without pain to her or me. This I ask - that when she withdraws her essence from this physical frame, it also shall be in gentleness and love. I thank you.

Them: "Be assured that when the time comes we shall withdraw her essence with great gentleness. We shall help her slip out of her form as she sleeps, in great peace and joy at our reunion, at her welcome home. She shall be given such a mighty (floods again) welcome when she returns to her homeland. And Loreli, her name - expresses the quality of her essence so well. We thank you, and offer you the blessings of her people - and we withdraw our energies."

It seemed they didn't quite know how to end. The word 'people' wasn't right, but 'beings' didn't seem right either. I really didn’t know what they were. Actually, I had a sense of BUGS! As time went by, I thought of Loreli as ‘my little space gnome’, and she became a major participant in our animal communications workshops. She coordinated the energies, she orchestrated our exercises, we quoted ‘what Loreli said'. Finally, I knew and acknowledged her as a Master Teacher. Angelic in origin ~ miniature long-haired dachshund by earth birth.

August 1999 - Loreli, my precious treasure, my little dancing girl, developed an extremely fast growing, and totally unexpected, abdominal tumor. It was the second time in less than six months I had to make that seemingly impossible decision - to call the vet. Beloved Tiggy was nearly 18, and it took me that many months to decide the day of her departure. But Loreli was only 14 years old. And in my heart I felt that Loreli was not ‘complete’. Before she went, she had something to teach. How could I ask the vet to ‘put her to sleep’ if Loreli was not complete? And the vet indicated that the tumor would rupture within a week. For days I was in dilemma. Finally I thought I got it. It seemed that what Loreli needed to be complete, was for me to make the decision!

And so, Doctor Connie returned to Sananda, and in great Love, held by me, surrounded by her human and animal friends, with the wind chimes softly blowing and the crystals dancing their rainbow lights upon her - Loreli’s spirit was released in peace and gentleness. The previous night, much to my astonishment, the Gnomes in the garden had told me, ‘we want Loreli’. And so, her tiny body was wrapped in great mounds of fresh Rosemary and laid to rest beneath an abundance of soft pine needles in the Gnome Sanctuary. Later, the Gnomes gave me images of themselves with little wheelbarrows, busily and with much excitement, taking great and long anticipated treasures from Loreli’s sweet body. On the first day, when I walked down to the Pines to place a crystal upon her heart, I found Lorna was already there, sitting on top of the freshly turned needles. Although she still had her granddaughter Candace, Lorna grieved quietly and much for her beloved little companion. The homeopathic remedy of Ignacia seemed to help.

And then, a couple of days later, I thought some more. Is that right?! Did I really ‘get it’? What did I get?! Calling Lorna and Candace to join me, we went to the Gnome Sanctuary. OK Loreli, what were you trying to teach me? Did I get it right? Is there more?

“It was the lesson of acceptance. Accepting your responsibility with grace and gratitude. You did so for Tiggy, but you did so reluctantly. You wished her to do this for herself. (I had wanted and hoped and wished that Tiggy would just die in her sleep) But it was your responsibility. Therefore is it your responsibility, the responsibility or duty of all, to release us, those who Serve in animal form, from Service, from bondage - the bondage of Love, when the job is complete.”

Silently I gasped, Oh, Loreli! That’s a big one.

“Yes. And it’s a ‘big one’ that we come in the first place. We would not be here were it not for your need. This I teach you, that you may teach others. I AM Loreli - in Love.”

January 2000 - I found these notes, scribbled high in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria last August. Before I knew that Loreli would be leaving too. Before she was to give me another message about responsibility - I had totally forgotten this one. How many times must we hear the same thing over and over before we truly get it? I had asked Loreli and Lorna and Candace, for their view, the dog’s view, of Tiggy’s departure - and my part, my decision, in all of this. Loreli spoke for all:

“We were waiting for you to let Tiggy go. We could only hold the space for you to take your queue. As actors on a stage, the next line was yours. We all knew this and Tiggy too. She did what she could to prompt your action.” For eighteen months, Tiggy had innumerable near death experiences!

But why? Why did I have to make this choice? Why couldn’t Tiggy just float off with the fairies?

“She was teaching you, with our support, to make decisions and be responsible for your creations. For Tiggy’s life was your creation. She came in answer to your heart’s call. To be sure other factors are involved, but this is the bottom line - she answered the call of your heart, for one such as she.”

So what about when Tiggy first came? At that time, I had been told that I had opened the door, and Heidi (see The Ascension of Heidi) had put forth the call.

“Opening the door means opening the heart. Your heart said - I have a need, and Heidi said - I know where it is! Gretel and Heidi and Tiggy all taught different lessons. Gretel brought trust, the importance of knowing what you want. Heidi taught the knowing of honoring your intuition, and Tiggy taught the knowing of being responsible, of allowing life its Freedom. Tiggy could go any time she chose, but she chose to teach - through selfless Service and Love for you. She chose to empower you by the strength attained in making your own choice. This strengthened her too. For it took much courage and strength to hold that Silver Cord, that River of Life connected. Your love helped and strengthened her of course, when it grew frail and worn - it strengthened her determination to help you learn this lesson of detached love, rather than clinging love.”

What can I say? Thank you Tiggy. Forgive my reluctance to learn. And I had the perception of all the little dogs bouncing around laughing - happy that at last I have accepted what I know.

April 2000 - Since Loreli went, it is amazing how many people phone me, in tears because their precious animal has a tumor - either died of one or has reached the point of decision. Rather than tune into their own animal, I am guided to share Loreli’s story. And I council all to make a tribute, in whatever manner comes to them. One page or a small journal (my dogs always want an entire booklet!) Place upon it a photo or drawing of the animal and surround it with precious memories. Ask others to share their own happy thoughts. I was deeply touched by a card bearing the words ‘somewhere in Virginia, a tree has been planted in Loreli’s name’. Above all, in Love and Gratitude - remember the happy times, the joy this animal shared with you. It can use this joy now, to dance more lightly, to fly ever higher.

Loreli usually comes when called. She is very busy. She is working with people in their dreams, their meditations.

Who do you work with Loreli? I ask.
Anybody who has ever seen my picture or heard my name, she replies.

I am so grateful, so very grateful, to both my precious Tiggy and darling Loreli. For all they gave me, for all they taught me. Tiggy taught me to make that oh, so difficult decision. To take charge, to be responsible. So that part was much easier with Loreli, even though the decision had to be made quickly, according to the medical reports. The agony with Loreli was, knowing she was ‘not complete’, and not knowing what she needed to be complete. She wanted me to ‘get it’, to move into and claim my power, to know that it’s OK to make these decisions, quickly and easily, without agonizing over it. Always, of course - in Love and Light and in accordance with the highest good for all. Honoring the joy, the love and companionship of all that has been.    - from Sananjaleen with Love.

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