The Ascension of Heidi

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Heidi was a beautiful, magnificent being who had been with me since she was 18 months old.. Although nearly 17 years old, Heidi was in excellent condition with no grey hairs in her deep, rich mahogany coat. A couple of years previously I had received the knowing that when she died, she would take her body with her. But I didn’t know when and I didn’t where, and one can’t stay on a high like that forever, so I sort of forgot about it.

1994 - Late one cold and snowy January night, Heidi woke up in great excitement and demanded OUT. She and the other two little dachshunds rushed into the moonlit night - and Heidi never came back. I searched of course. But I knew she was gone. Heidi, the beloved, darling angel who slept in my bed - and I could feel no grief! As the year went by, questions arose as to what had actually happened. What Heidi had experienced. What the other dogs had felt and sensed.

In a meditative state, I received answers. Following are some extracts from a small booklet of my insights and perceptions, including words from Heidi herself.

The moon was bright and the sky alive with stars, and although I searched past midnight, I could find no sign that Heidi had left the garden. Repeatedly, I was drawn back to an area between the tall pine trees and the well. A large crystal is stationed here, guardian and keeper of records. Every time I passed this crystal I noticed, about three feet from it, and towards the pines - a set of footprints that seemingly didn’t go anywhere, they just stopped. That’s funny, I thought. Well, I’ll deal with that in the morning - now I must look for Heidi. Even then, even before I had pulled on my boots and coat and gloves and hat I knew, deep inside, that Heidi would not be found. I knew that Heidi had gone.

I meditated. I told Heidi how much I loved her. I thanked her, that one so great as she had lived with me. Always had I termed her my equal. Always had I called her an angel. Always had I thought of her as pure spirit. I took the essence of Fluorite to help me in releasing her, and the essence of Peony (flower and mineral essences I make here in the garden of Sananda) to assist me in releasing myself - forgiving myself for anything less than perfect that I had or had not done in caring for or seeking Heidi. A great sigh escaped me, and I understood that I was her guardian and caretaker. That was the nearest I came to tears, when I remembered how much I loved her.

I asked in the Light of Divine Discernment: How may I view Heidi’s disappearance?

“Heidi’s disappearance may be used as a trigger, an activation in the minds of those who are ready to question the old beliefs and ways they have held so long, and which reflect the ways and beliefs of the mass consciousness. Heidi’s disappearance shall be as an activation to their inner knowing. Heidi’s disappearance was not of itself planned for this, but it may be used as such. And her body will not be found, for her body does not exist upon this Earth plane. Her vibratory rate was raised, was quickened as ye would term it, in a manner that caused a transmutation of her cells, and it no longer exists in the realm of matter.”

I had not paid a great deal of attention to the footprints near the pines at the time, I had just noted the strangeness. But ever since Rahjeem’s comment, I keep thinking about them. Now, as I looked through my bedroom window towards that spot, wondering how did you do it Heidi? I had a brief mini vision - of Heidi walking in the moonlight and pausing where the footsteps end, and a small beam or tube of light is upon her, about three or four times her height, and just her size. And I understood, in a single instant, how this beam had allowed the acceleration of her bodily parts until she had spun or evaporated, dissolved or merged into the next dimension. She had been transitioned from the third dimension, to be born again into a higher frequency, a higher level or plane of existence. Heidi vanished from the denseness of this physical expression, and was translated or transmuted into an alternate reality, just as whole tribes have done before her.

The thought came: after the integration, when one has reached the point of integration between spirit and matter, then there is fusion - and this is the point of ascension. And how does this relate to Heidi?

“Heidi had reached the point of integration, the balance between spirit and matter, and at this point of balance, integration becomes fusion, allowing entry into a higher frequency. But there is also at this time (the time we are all in now, the present moment), the need to allow re-entry into the plane you leave, and the process is not complicated by this requirement."

"But it must be understood that this is not a case of release which may be termed escape. It is a point of growth, of ascension, that ye may accomplish more easily and readily your purpose upon Earth. And it is only for those who understand fully that this is not an escape but a blessing of Divine Grace, who shall be allowed at this point in time, at this present moment, to attain their ascension, and return in their Light Bodies, in accordance with their original Divine Plan. For there is need of ones, great need of such ones, and we shall assist you all we may. And for your part to assist us, lighten your body, the physical body, hold true to your focus of Enlightenment for all - and expect a miracle.”

Had Heidi known what was coming?

“And it was at an atomic cellular level that Heidi’s name was called. Not in her conscious mind did she hear this call, but in the very atoms of her cellular make up was this call heard. And it was the excitement that was felt at this level, the knowing that soon they would receive their spiritual release into freedom. Not trapped were they, but bound by love to hold the form of one you held most dear, and excitement, anticipation, are the words with which we would equate their feeling. And it was in the evening that they felt this pressure, or build up of energies, singing their song, calling them home. For it was a build up, as a mighty symphonic sound that rises to a crescendo of crashing cymbals, and when that point was reached - their time had come. And the one for whom they held that form was powerless almost, to resist - the stirrings of her heart would be your translation or understanding. But it was far deeper, or more encompassing than that. It was the Song of Freedom that sang to every part and particle of her molecular make up, her structure. And this blessed one answered Freedom's call with Divine Integrity and Grace.

I ask for a symbol or way I can think of Heidi. Nothing. So I just keep breathing. Eventually I am asked how I feel. Suddenly I am aware that I feel absolutely, joyfully wonderful!

“Heidi is holding a forcefield or blanket of light around you, as you held her so often.” And I felt a love so overpowering, so all encompassing and overwhelming, that tears rolled down my face. If ever Heidi was cold or wet, or just not feeling so good, I would hold her tight, often wrapped in a big towel or blanket. And now she was doing the same for me.

Just as I sat to meditate, Tiggy came to sit beside me. Darling Tiggy, my furry fairy. Now she is asleep, but I ask if she would speak. And she says:

“I am angel also. The fairy ones are Angelic, forget not this. And I am resting in the light that Heidi holds around me too. She blesses us, and thanks us for our love to her when she was here. And now she holds us as a mother holds her babe in arms, and cares for us, and watches over us in all we do. We feel her joy and love, and as it seeps and penetrates more deeply into our living forms, we shall express that part of her that is true Love.”

How had Heidi felt, I wondered? How had she experienced this transition? This Ascension? I called for the essence of beloved Heidi to come and tell me what she had experienced that precious night. And I felt a great and wondrous warmth, as from the sun. But this warmth was all through and around my body, to the very core of my being. It was as though every cell and molecule of my existence was bathed with an incredibly warm, all powerful and loving energy. I could have stayed there forever, but before I had a chance to bask in the glory of this - I experienced every part and particle of my self expanding out and out and out - until I filled all space. And there was nothing left of me but pure conscious awareness of That I AM.

It was an unprecedented experience, to say the least. One can read and hear of such things to be sure, but the difference between reading and hearing and experiencing, may be likened to telling a mountain ape about ice-cream and eating it yourself. When I had gathered myself together again, I asked Heidi to put this occurrence in words, please. She was very sweet, very gentle, and I was grateful that she spoke from her Heidi-dog perspective, rather than an infinite point of consciousness.

“I had to go out. I just had to go out. And I was drawn to that place. And as I stood - I felt a great warmth, an incredible ray of Light around me. Greater than any ray of sunlight that ever warmed my body did this Light feel. And it warmed me, to the very core of my deepest existence. The warmth was within me, and I felt myself expanding. I felt myself separating and growing vaster in all directions, until I experienced myself simply as my own thought. And it was as though I was back where I had always been. It did not seem that I had ever left this state of consciousness. And it is this state of I Amness with which I am enabled to surround you, to surround Jamala, and feed you my love. I cannot explain how it is done, I simply think my love around you, and so it is. A projection of my love for you.

Was Francis there to meet me, you ask? It was as though he had never left my side. It was not so much that he was waiting there for me to return, as the experience that I was the one who was awakening to my own return. Awakening, returning from a dream of being away.”

Now I understand, that as I had laid the structure or foundation for Heidi to transmute her physical being by declaring that she would, so has she done the same for me by doing it. Show and tell! Nothing so impressive as an actual demonstration. And in telling the story, so is the possibility of a new format being seeded into the minds of all who hear, laying the foundation for the possibility of ‘miracles’ to occur at any moment, as we all continue ever upward, ever inward on the spiral of Enlightenment, our return to Love, our return to Grace, with full consciousness of That I AM. Not that all might wish to do as Heidi did, but all might wish for a body of Light that knows no pain and has no limitations. And if Heidi could do it on dog food - what might we who feed ourselves the latest nutritional finds, listen to tapes of music from the far beyond, stretch our limbs and watch our breath and nurture our inner child not do?!

I have invoked the angels, and although I do not see her, I am sensing Heidi’s presence and love. The overwhelming and all encompassing love I have come to expect and know when I call for her to be with me. Today I am hearing her angelic name. Haloa A’Ha, Haloa A’Ha (very soft, so soft and rhythmic. So very soft and gentle). And although Heidi would not step to the fore, her angel companions always take a half step back as it were, to give her preference in administering her love to me. And I hear the name for Gretel (her mother). Gloriana A’Ma, Gloriana A’Ma. And Gretel is not an angel of the Violet Fire (as Heidi is). I feel a great motherly love emanating from Gretel for she is one of Mary’s holy angels.

January 1995 - Heidi has been on my mind lately, the beautiful fun things she did as a dog. She was so wonderful. Her coat was so glorious. She was so genteel! So refined! She bore an air of nobility. An air that made it all the more implausible when she chased chickens, chewed all the crumble off an apple pie or rolled in horse poop.

I recalled the time I opened the front door, and there was Heidi - a set of newborn baby bunnies stashed in a row inside her long jaws. And the time she carried a young groundhog half a mile to share with her friends. Nobody could believe Heidi would do such a thing. Doors slammed, phones rang, all were convinced her prey must be rabid in order for her to have caught it. And the rats! They were building nests in the glove compartment of my car! I gave them fair warning they must leave or something dreadful would happen to them. They ignored me - and Heidi killed them. Huge rats! Perhaps I think of her because we are nearing the first anniversary of her Ascension. And as so often, my mind is drawn to wonder, what exactly did Heidi do?! Clearly, telepathically, words come:

“Heidi did what Heidi came to do. Heidi spun her molecules at such a vibratory pitch, such a mathematical frequency of finesse, that they accelerated her bodily parts into a higher dimension, involving her in the phenomena known as invisibility. Heidi’s presence is still available, if the requirement of her presence were necessary. But it was not her purpose to remain in dog form in the ethers. It is possible, but it was not deemed necessary by Heidi.

Every part and particle, every molecule, every atom and subatomic electron of Heidi’s being accelerated at a vibratory spin so fast that they became pure energy. This is the warmth that she experienced, that you experienced. And as they continued to spin ever faster, at a frequency you cannot imagine, this was the expansion. This was the expansion into the beyond, and beyond and beyond. They spun faster than the speed of light. They passed through light and expanded beyond all boundaries into the infinite beyond.

Heidi did not ascend to fifth or sixth dimensions, not even seventh. Heidi expanded, fast forwarded herself into infinity. This is not your purpose at this time. Your purpose is to halt, to stop. To accelerate only so far. To go higher or to spin faster at this time, makes it very difficult to also maintain contact in a tangible form with physical existence. But from the fifth and sixth dimensions you may come and go as your bodily parts accelerate, your understanding grows, and the veil becomes thinner. We are the Brotherhood of Light, with blessings and thanks to those in Service on planet Earth. God bless.”

The thought came to wonder what Tiggy and Loreli experienced that magical night. I ask Tiggy for her perception of Heidi’s Ascension. You were all asleep, Tiggy. It was late at night when Heidi woke you. Usually you didn’t want to go out that late, did you? Can you tell me what you thought, what you felt, what you saw? Tiggy was sleeping, but she agreed to talk anyway. In my mind, she said:

“We felt excitement. We felt Heidi’s excitement, me and Loreli. We knew something was happening. We didn’t know what. We didn't know Heidi was going to be the happening. We knew Heidi knew something exciting was going on, and we followed her. We were all set to follow her lead. But she vanished! We didn’t see which way she went, where she went. We all ran out together, and Heidi left us. And there were no bunnies out there! We thought Heidi was going to lead us on a bunny hunt, but no - there was nothing out there, so we came back inside.”

And I ask, does that mean Heidi was becoming invisible, before she got to the place where the footprints stopped?

“Yes.” Came the answer in my head. “As Cinderella must leave the ball before midnight, so Heidi began to dissolve before she had reached her position. Dissolved to the physical eyes that is. Her form, her solid form was still apparent, for it made footprints did it not?”

And I wondered about the beam of light around Heidi. How did it get there? What was its function? Who put it there?

And I wondered about the beam of light around Heidi.
How did it get there? What was its function? Who put it there?

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