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by June Sananjaleen Hughes

In my mind they come to me, taking me on underwater expeditions, teaching me their truths, presenting me to other sea creatures. Ever encouraging us to be more joyful, and
to invite them into our lives. This little book has the ability to trigger greater awareness and expanded perception of who the Dolphins really are. Telepathically they say:

The dolphins

Enjoy. Enjoy. We would say enjoy the beauty of the morning. We would say treasure each moment. Each  encounter. Be joyous always. Laugh with us. Ride gaily through your earthly trials, as we the Dolphin Ones ride gaily through the waves. I asked the Dolphins if they could help me remember how I communed with them during a life I had been told of on the high seas. I became very aware of the ocean sounds on the tape: You slowed your heartbeat to the rhythm of the seas ~ and you listened to the song of the waves. The waves carried our sounds, our vibrations to your heart ~ and you knew.

And the Dolphins chose the rhythm and the motion and the freedom of the seas to share their love. And you did choose the freedom and the beauty of the Earth. And sometimes in Earth's manifestation you remember. And sometimes you forget. And sometimes ~ there is so much to do we cannot meet. But always are we One. In Spirit is this so.

We are not our bodies you realize. But we did choose the most delightful ones did we not? Ones in which we could express joy and freedom. Ones capable of housing an advanced brain structure. And water was chosen as the best medium for sending and receiving our transmissions. Communication is our highest intent. We are the link ~ the relay station for assessing and evaluating conditions in and of the Earth. And these facts and figures, these feelings, tendencies and discords we relay to the next station. The next evaluation center that ever circulates this globe. Stored and processed ~ to put it in words familiar to you, this information is sent forth once more to higher minds, to further realms.

We are here! We are here! Ever are we near you. Ever do we speak to you from our highest essence, for we have no other. We have physical bodies yes, but our earthly thoughts, our minds, our true essence, is pure Light. For we are here in the fullness of our being ~ the fullness of our awareness. We are unsullied by emotional guilt and karmic debts. The hurts of the moment are in that moment only. It is only your own thoughts dear one, that embed, nurture and encourage them to fester. We are the embodiment of the present moment. Our joy is the now made manifest.

The Whales and the Dolphins are the caretakers of the oceans, which reflect the conditions of the land and its people. And the Whales and the Dolphins look to the people for change, for advancement and understanding in the way of the Tao. In the way they walk their talk. In the ways they honor their God.

Am I me or a Dolphin? For the first time ~ I notice my lovely dolphin head and laughing countenance ~ and all my little tiny teeth! We all seem to think this is a huge joke. The little ones are rolling around in mirth watching me cluck and snap my teeth ~ admire my teeth. And my nose! I want to touch and poke things with my nose! I love the feel of me all over. Oh, it would be nice to have a human hand touching me! Little fingers all over my skin!

I loved them so, all these little people (on the beach). They so longed to experience love. They were so eager to grasp anything they thought would bring them happiness. They seek it everywhere. They don't seem to realize it is within them. We are love, and we know it. They are love too, but they don't seem to know it. We put on a marvelous show, leaping and cavorting, speeding back and forth. Keeping an eye out to make sure we were noticed. We were so free. So part of the ocean. The feel of the ocean was our joy. There was such a feeling of restriction emanating from the people. They couldn't feel the ocean just splashing around at the water's edge. Occasionally one of them swam out further, and we knew he could feel the ocean beneath him, but he didn't go down and experience the feeling all over.

I swam through a hole in the side (of a shipwreck), it was all bare inside and dolphins were swimming around, poking their noses here and there, rather like a bunch of terriers I thought. I figured it was up to me to do something now, and so I called: Come, Sailor souls. The time has come for you to leave your ship. Come swim with us, the Dolphin Ones. There is nothing for you here and we offer a new way. Follow us and look towards the light that shines, the glowing light. Go to it sailor ones, it is the way out. The way home. Climb those golden rungs!

A fishing net for all to see! Why would you get caught in these nets when you can see them so clearly?, I asked in dismay. Why don't you stay away from them? Do not go in. Observe only, they cautioned. We cannot stay away from the ships. For we are here to interact with humanity, whatever that might involve. Avoidance does not resolve conflict. Avoidance stretches the limits of unresolved issues. Widens the gap between ignorance and understanding, ignorance and compassion. Avoidance empowers the cobwebs of neglect to weave their ancient patterns undisturbed. Enter not the nets yourself, for this is not your dream. But allow us to complete our dream in peace.

Oh my! A space ship is gliding in to land upon the smooth ocean surface. And more, and more ~ the surface seems covered with space ships and dolphins ~ a dolphin is going to greet each one. And ~ this is very odd, but a dolphin is rising out of the water and entering each ship. It is not the physical body of the Dolphin you see doing this, but rather it's spirit or etheric form. They greet their brothers, and happily, for there is to be an exchange of information, and a joyous re-union in the event. For these are space ships, star ships of their own. From their own star system, come to find out how things really are on planet Earth.

And so the Dolphin Ones put forth a call to Humanity ~ come swim with us. In sea or mind we shall come to you. Come join us in the open seas that we may awaken your innermost dreams, the secret codings you know not that you have. Within the everlasting consciousness of the ocean in motion we may revitalize your spirit song and sing you home. In the ocean shall we meet as equals, beings of free will uniting by choice to share their love for one another. And once our love you know ~ you shall be changed in ways that leave no doubt, in ways that bring a knowingness that kith and kin extend beyond the bounds of form, and all is truly One and One is All ~ is All That Is. The Dolphins and the Whales extend their call ~ to join us in the open seas and learn of love.


The Dolphin Ones
by June Sananjaleen Hughes
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