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Header - Creation Sings

I dance ~ and all Creation sings.
Because Creation sings ~ I AM.
Each footstep that alights on Earth
is feeling toned of That Which Is.

The waterfalls, and ocean surf
are Spirit singing to itself.
The wingbeat of a goose in flight ~ is song.
Moonlight that plays upon the ocean
in motion fills the Silence
that the song Creation sings may be observed.

And in the morning mist Creation sings a prelude
to the rising sun, who bids the day awake.
And in the morning chorus of my world in active play
I dance ~ because Creation sings.
Each step in rhythm with my Earth Star's heart.
Each pirouette a point of power.

Because I dance, my Earth Star sings
rising in joy ~ ascending on the waves of song
and takes me with her through the Space Time
of another realm ~ as all Creation sings.
All this I AM, and more because Creation sings.

Header - Masters of Love

In majesty I wait.
In majesty the Master waits for the world to wake.
And when it wakes he will be there to greet the day,
the newborn day of each star stream
that permeates the night of dreams gone by
and lights the present moment of a new day birthed.
Birthed in the Master's consciousness
for him to claim as his own dream, or thought.
His own creative play
inclusive of the lights that play with him.

And so the Master waits, his Game his own
and meaningless until another one shall come
and play the counterpart.
And when the Game is done
the Masters shall unite their worlds, their plan
and merge as One, and start again.

Waiting in Time and Space once more
for worlds to blend, minds to expand
and Master Craftsmen to present their skills
uncoded and available to all who greet this day with peace
and bare their hearts to dreams exposed,
and truths unthought.
Birthing a new and unclaimed Star of Love,
and Hope and Wonder for the Gods to cherish,
share and care for as she grows
towards the Sovereignty that is her right.

Verse - Bird Tribes

And so I AM a Great Being of Light who came to Earth to save the world. With others of my kind I came ~ from far beyond the Rainbow.

Bird Tribes are we who sing our song at every Springtime as it bursts from wintery climes that held frail hearts in grip of ice and cold and fear, and by our Light we melt the snows, turn back the sheath that held these ones in darkness and expose the beauty and the hope that lies ahead.

Great Ones of Light are we who came to Earth to save the world. The world as it is known to human kind who thinks it real. They do not know it is a shadow world for what is Truth ~ and we shall bare the lies that keep them bound, and aid them to emerge and see where they have been, where they may go, and what it is they leave behind.

Great Ones of Light are we who come to Earth to crack the codes, that knowledge may be free ~ and all may walk in grace and beauty once again.

Great Ones of Light are we and filled with love so great, we came to share their world and be as they, and risked the locking of ourselves within, forgetting where we put the key. For only from the inside may the lock be turned, the doors be opened and the Springtime welcomed ~ the Springtime of Eternal Hope, the Springtime of a Greater Dream, the Springtime of a New Age dawned.

And the key that turns this lock is Love. But not the love that speaks in words of wealth and goods ~ and things to do and have. It is the Love of silent thoughts, unspoken words and starlight in the eyes of those who know. And it creates a field of energy, a force quite undefined as yet by scientific instruments and gage.

It is this Field of Force ~ as yet unknown in learned books, which turns the key and frees the door. It is a coding that releases its secret treasure, and allows the influx, a union of like matter, that has been waiting, that has been building up, attaining critical mass and like a broken dam comes flooding in to seek its own amongst its kind. This Love is a force, an energy, and yet it is an Intelligence that seeks its own. And when the union is complete, has magnetized unto itself the pieces of this whole ~ it shall withdraw. And all it holds within itself it shall transport beyond the door, the rifted veil ~ the portal to a Radiance experienced not for many an age.

And all who turn their backs and look the other way shall stay.
And there shall be no pressure on these ones to change.
It is their choice and they shall be allowed to choose.

Header - The Spirit of Beauty

I AM the center of my world, my universe.
I AM the Hierarch, Creator-God of all that I survey.
Observer of this my world, the world that I have made.
And this my world I love as mine own Self, for it is made of Me,
my inmost feelings expressed in thought, ideas and manifest creation.
Then comes a time when I would share my joy with others,
that they too may experience my Peace and Beauty
for Beauty too, the Spirit of Beauty,
is anchored deep within my heart, my world
this temple of the living God I AM.

And now I understand, this Beauty and this Peace
I have created from the center of my Heart, my Temple,
must now go forth in Service ~ to those whose Flame needs fuel.
Thus That I AM puts forth the call to those whose hearts are pure
and would remember in these waking days
that Heaven on Earth is why they came,
why they are here,
and why they must be strong in purpose
to express this hope, this truth
that Heaven is a State of Grace
which all may enter and make their own.

Header - Full Moon

All who have honored my beauty,
have honored the beauty within their heart.
And all who would claim my power,
have claimed the power that is their own.
And all who would see in me the light of perfection,
have seen it reflected from the heart that beats within their breast.

And I, who seem to shine so bright upon your world,
would have you know, that you are as a gem within mine own.
The world you think is yours ~ is mine.
My world ~ on which I beam my light.
Each night a different theme or mood
created by the heavens wherein I dwell,
through which I pass ~ and influence your Earth,
because we are all One
within a greater world that sings us into being
and plays the tune to which we dance.
I am the moon ~ and you my star.
I am the moon ~ and you my star.


Header - The Sound of Silence

I AM the Sound of Silence ~ singing to Itself.
I AM the Sound of Universal Heart
pulsating rhythmically on waves of song
made manifest in joyous notes,
of birds at play, of whales at sea ~ of geese in flight.
I AM the Sound of Silence singing to Itself.
Do you hear me?
As I push aside the fallen leaves and raise my head
from 'neath the ground to greet the Spring?
I AM the Sound of Silence.
Do you hear me?
Falling as raindrops from the heavens to bless the grass.

I AM the Sound of Silence.
Through motion do I hear myself and know.
The flowers as they unfurl to greet the day
are finely tuned to blend
as notes within mine symphony.
The fish dispelling spheres of air that they have breathed
do so in rhythm with my pulse.
All things are tuned to hear my Song of Silence
that ye call The Word, the Om,
the vibration of existence.
Only man steps out of line
and dances to the rhythm that he thinks is best.
I do not feel the discord that his play creates.
But other players nerves are jangled
by his thoughtless and relentless chords of discontent.
His ceaseless repetition of the same old tune ~ a single string.
His unmelodious chant of daily deeds.

And when man listens to the song his own heart sings
then will he learn the Master Note ~ and slip into the Silence
and sing with joy a note more clear and pure
than ever has been heard before
because he has such vast and wondrous tales to tell
of how he learned to sing.
And with intent to sing in union with the Song Creation sings
shall he become the Silence of One Heart in Grace.

I AM a Pillar of Light, a Beam ~ an anchor
offering stability, freshness and clarity,
to those who would draw the Light ~ through Me.

And so I stand with those of the Starlight,
as we have stood since Dawn began.
Holders of the Light, bringers of Dawn.
As candelabras hold a flaming beacon, so do we stand.
Our arms outstretched, our eyes on the Homeland,
our hearts with the Earth we Serve.
Ever in gentleness, purity and peace ~ so do we stand.
Angels of Dawn, bringers of Light, anchors of Truth.
So do we stand ~ together as One.

And so long have we stood, we did forget at times those who stood with us, and now the Dawn grows ever brighter and we wake ~ and oh the joy, the ecstasy, the delight, as we turn this way and that ~ and see our starry brethren all around. Reaching out upon the horizon, as far as eye can see, these Pillars of Light, these Beacons of Dawn, these candelabras that hold the Starlight strong, are burning. Burning ever more brightly do they shine ~ through the mist and veils of forgetfulness that once surrounded us. To those of the Starlight I call:

Angels of Dawn. Bringers of Truth and Beacons of Light.
Anchors of this Light, and Illuminators through Time.
Brothers and Sisters ~ I call to you:

Renew your strength, renew your pledge, and double your efforts
to raise this Earth Star Terra in her dream.
For she needs stabilizing in her progress
through the waves and beams and rays of sound and light,
that do bombard her all around it seems.
She needs assistance to align and poise herself upon new ground.

And we shall see her through, and ride with her in active thought. Bringers of Dawn are we, Heralds of this New Age, ready to sing our Song and blow the Trumpets of a future birthed in the now, this present moment. And so we sing and offer hope, and bring our vision of the motion to this present point of focus, in which we stand together,united as One most Holy Breath that has been held too long. Let us exhale together on Wings of Freedom in one silent Heartbeat to the Rainbow's end.

Thus do we stand as we have stood since Dawn began
and greet the rising Sun with joy.

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