Excerpts from

Whale Wisdom - Dolphin Joy
by June Sananjaleen Hughes

These joyful and profound transmissions from the Brotherhood of Cetaceans were received telepathically in a deep meditative state. They address philosophical and emotional topics for all on a spiritual path, offering words of encouragement and new perspectives in accordance with specific questions, or from their own perception of beneficial and thought‑provoking information.

The Whale Elders Speak: Wise Ones you call us. No wiser are we than any of you in your true essence, your original capacity, or frequency. We have retained our memories ~ and it is not judgement that you have not. But mankind has taken advantage of his memory lapse, assuming that because he forgets no one remembers. This is a grievous error. No errors in the Divine Plan of course, but an error in mankind's world for himself. Indeed there are errors within the physical reality of form. Errors of judgement. And judgement of course, is a third dimensional precept which does not exist in the true reality of God's Nature.

Dolphins as Master Teachers: Are we your future selves? Not so. You simply are that portion of ourselves that entered form, and we that portion of yourself that holds the balance, the focus for your spirit self. Are we a Brotherhood? Oh, yes! And each and every Brother/Sisterhood is but a point of focus for the Source to know Itself. A facet of that Crystal Star you know as Home. And so dear ones, take heart. Pledge once again allegiance to your Self and journey on. No more alone, but unified within your heart with each and every Lighted One that shares your dream. Sing ever louder and uplift your arms ~ that all who may shall see and hear your call, and join with you and raise a mighty shout unto The Lord ~ I AM, I AM, I AM coming HOME at last.

Be Like the Whales: Be like the Whales, the Great Whales, and practice in silence your dedication to the One. Be like the Whales and practice this air of serene detachment in a world of woe. And if you feed it not with your attention, this world shall starve for want of food. For the food upon which this world feeds is fear and anger, irritation and disbelief. Hate and greed and worry. Withdraw its food and this world shall perish. Surround this world with love. Sing your heartsong to this world, and hold it with you in the light of your intent ~ for a higher purpose and a greater goal. And a quickening in the very structure, in the very molecular make up of this world shall occur at an atomic level, because the atoms of this world shall resonate to your call for freedom and unity and harmony, through every living thing that dreams with you and craves enlightenment at every level of its existence. And then shall these worlds unite and sail as one, through the gap between the thought of chaos and the dream of hope. Hope springs eternal, and the gate to freedom shall not close while there is one more dreamer yet to come.

New Concepts from the Dolphins: We have new concepts to present to you this day. New concepts that might startle some. For we would have you contemplate the possibility or notion, that the sleek and fluid bodies that you see in motion through the waves ~ these dynamic forms of seeming perfection in your realm are satellites, or what have become known amongst many of you as space ships, star ships, manifested in your third dimensional reality and piloted by star beings that some term extra‑terrestrial, and that we prefer to call angelic. And they zip and glide through your oceans, these ships of living light as poetry in motion, as rhythmic waves, light particles condensed in form. And they have come as you have come, to guide this Earth Star into higher realms, to guarantee she stays on track. Of herself she would be free, but she is encumbered by many lifestreams that cause and hold discordant tones, that weigh her down, and so she must have help.

The Guardian Whales: The Brotherhood of Whales are Guardians and Keepers of the Night. The long dark Night that precedes the Day of endless Light. And these Guardians have waited through the ages for the dawning of this Day. And while they waited they held the Blueprint, they anchored the energies, they formulated the imprints with which to format the new disc, so to speak. For the Whale Beings are a Nation of Caretakers and Stewards. Stewards of the Solar system ~ and as you have been designated stewards of this Earth, so are they Stewards on many planes, in many dimensions.

Dolphins Speak on Cosmic Purpose: We would speak to you of purpose, Divine Purpose. For purpose can be misunderstood in your element of time ~ and the daily purpose of family affairs is not the purpose of which we speak. We speak of the Divine or Cosmic Purpose with which you came, with such high hopes and glorious open heart, to share with those on Earth your vision of Solar Unity ~ drawn together by the Cosmic Purpose of a Race of God Beings. And what do we mean by a Race of God Beings? We mean the I AM Presence, the essence of your True Being manifested through an atomic structure into a world of form. A world that manifested with the Cosmic Purpose of transmuting matter through spiritualization. And this Cosmic Purpose rang through the heavens of what you term outer space, and filled all hearts with joy untold at the magnificence of this project. But it was harder, far, far harder than any of these individualized God Presences had realized. But never did they regret or seek to dissolve their resolution. And it was not a battle cry that brought forth reinforcements from realms untold. Not even was it termed a cry for help, it was the purity and the radiance and the longing that shone forth from this planet Earth, that touched the hearts and bade all ones who could, unite ~ and bring their own uncluttered and oft times invisible assistance.

The Humpbacks on Self Healing: Self healing is the allowance of Spirit entering matter. It is the infusion of Light into the cells. It is the surrender of wants and expectations to the Creative Force, the Life Force, which enters form in accordance with that forms vibratory patterning. And if that form projects a pattern that pulsates with fear, and a mindset that resonates with chemical interference, and a preset encodement that allows not for change, then the Life Force may not enter, for it can only unite with energy of its own amplitude, with energy that dances to the same tune. And by your longing do you set in motion the required template. But the longing must be tempered by a point of stillness, a point of surrender, otherwise it is like the train that comes, but stops not at the station where you stand. For Spirit cannot enter unless the doors are open, and the doors, the doorways are not open on a passing train.

Dolphins and the Point of Integration: And we would speak of integration, as we have integrated with the water, the medium in which we live. For integration is a molding or merging of different forms, a blending, a yin yang principle of one with the other. Giving and taking, giving and receiving, giving and becoming one with the gift. Knowing oneself to be the gift, the giving and the giver, all at the same time. And accepting into oneself, receiving into one's being all that has been expressed. Also described as the inbreath and the outbreath. The surging of the waves, the rhythm of the moonlight, ever giving, ever receiving. As the waves that roll upon the shore give of their life across the sands, and withdraw without breaking the motion ~ so should the breath be like this. So should the action of giving and receiving be without halt or break in the motion, in the thought, in the action. This is integration at the highest level. This is encompassing all things ~ which are in truth the Law of Forgiveness in motion. For all things at this moment revolve around the point of forgiveness. And it is on this point of forgiveness that the Ascension wave shall break, shall crest and roll in triumph across the land, the consciousness which it has come to conquer and to rule. And by conquer and rule, we mean the return of the Christos, Prince of Peace, King of Kings, and Mighty of the mightiest in this land of conscious awareness.

Whales and Archangels on Non-attachment: Non-attachment is just that. It is a releasing, a freeing of your frequency, your tonal vibratory rate, not just your desires, foundational beliefs and personal vendettas. Non-attachment is an opening to the vastness of Solar Reality. Non attachment is the expansion of form. It is a release from the confines and restrictions of a created form. Your form you might see as guide lines to creative living in a manifested world. Think of your body as guidelines to living in a third dimensional world, and the various aches and pains and illnesses are guidelines to those things that you decided to work upon this time around, to release, to let go and grant their own freedom. The draining emotional ties you have with others are indications, reminders of the assignment you gave yourself to master and transmute. And as these lessons are completed one by one, and sometimes they may not be totally complete, you do not have to have straight A’s to pass the test. As long as you reach a certain level, a certain grade, a certain frequency, you will be free. You will graduate. You will ascend. And the ultimate ascension you see, is non attachment to form.

Dolphins and the Changing Nature of Time: The changing nature of time is illusion. Time is. Time with a capital T, that is. All things exist within the one Time. For Time may be seen as a structure, a holographic stage in which evolution may unfold. And the nature of time as you know it is illusive, therefore does it seem to change. The Time in which we dwell is stationary. Not stagnant, but stationary in its Presence. If you would think of Time as a Presence ~ available to all, you might perceive the vastness of its all encompassing nature. And its nature may be seen as accommodating of the various levels and dimensions which exist within its frame.

Manatees and Star Children: The Starlight children carry the frequency of the Manatees, Sisters of the Starlight, and they it is who shall activate or program these future probabilities into existence ~ into form. These Starlight children would benefit by the sight of the Manatee form in picture, toy or song. The song of the Manatees would be a very desirous vibration to cradle their dreaming states. The Starlight children are not what you term Blue Ray or Indigo, they are an individualized stream of consciousness, and at first there shall be an overlay, a merging of the Manatees in the oceans, in the seas, in the waters ~ with the frequency of their kind upon the land. And as the Starlight energy upon the land grows strong, the water based element of their frequency shall dissolve.


Whale Wisdom Dolphin Joy
by June Sananjaleen Hughes
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