Paneurhythmy in the Garden of Sananda

Sacred Bulgarian Dance of Joy
Universal Harmony of Movement

In the words of the Bulgarian spiritual Master Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno)
who composed the music and movement of this three part 'Dance':

May our hearts be as pure as crystal
our minds as bright as the Sun
our soul as vast as the universe
and our spirit in tune with the One.


The entire Cosmos is penetrated by music and movement, combined in One Whole. Paneurhythmy is the expression of this. It is based on the laws of correspondence among ideas, words, music and motion'. Peter Deunov


There is harmony and rhythm in all creation. The entire Universe is infused with music and movement, united as one. This is in reality Paneurhythmy'. Peter Deunov


The true Paneurhythmy has not yet been given. It is still in the Invisible World, serving as an ideal for the human soul and spirit, and through which the human soul and spirit shall come in communion and harmony with the worlds beyond. It will be brought to earth when the New Humanity comes. The New Man will have a different body - a spiritual body. With these physical bodies you cannot withstand the heavenly Paneurhythmy'. Peter Deunov


People want to give form to God. But I ask: What form can you give to the light? The light itself creates the form'. Peter Deunov



Paneurhythmy will be studied as a great method for the education of man and his connection with the creative forces of nature, and for the development of higher cosmic consciousness'. The Grain of Wheat




When Paneurhythmy is danced in the schools, there will be peace on earth'. Peter Deunov


Peter Deunov lived between 1864 and 1944, and presented Paneurhythmy in Bulgaria in the late 1920's and early 30's. Although known very slightly here and there around the world - due to the communist regime which banned this dance, Paneurhythmy is only just now beginning to receive the exposure and awareness that is so needed at these triumphant times of Ascension. Many have the sensation or feeling of having danced this dance before. The music and movements are Universal. The ancient Nag Hammidi texts describe Jesus as doing a very similar type of dance. Astronauts claim to have heard this music in space. Some have dreamed the whole Earth and all Creation sings this song. Many great masters from Einstein and Rudolph Steiner, to Paramahansa Yoganda and The Rosicrucian Society have honored this great Bulgarian spiritual teacher.

Paneurhythmy, divine cosmic rhythm or universal harmony of movement, is our communion with Nature, takes 45 minutes and is suitable for all ages. We dance every Sunday morning between the spring and fall equinox in the Garden of Sananda, northern Virginia, USA. Sometimes there are only two or three of us, sometimes enough to form twelve couples, in which case we also dance the Sun Rays - our Solar connection, and Pentagrams - our Universal alignment. Occasionally we are blessed with live music by some of Bulgaria's leading musicians.

Here are the first ten of the 28 different steps or movements. Intended to be danced with a partner in a double circle, Paneurhythmy may also be practiced alone, a joyful meditation in motion - although in fact, we never dance alone. Every time Paneurhythmy is danced on earth, the Beings of Light dance with us. Each movement contains a wealth of deep inner meaning which we broadcast to the worlds around, enhancing all Life everywhere. The first ten movements are known as the First Day of Spring and are very easy. There are many books, tapes, videos and other web sites describing the motion, music and verse, although of course, it is best to find someone who knows. Here are the bare essentials.

Paneurhythmy, the first day of Spring, walking rhythmically in a counter clockwise circle:

Awakening - with fingers curled at shoulder level, the arms unfurl in an upward semi-circle, awakening to our highest potential, the first day of the rest of our lives. We are all brand new!

Reconciliation - with finger tips touching, our arms sweep downward and out in another semi-circle, uniting all aspects of ourselves at heart level.

Giving - sharing our truth. From the heart, joyfully knowing that the more we give the more we receive.

Ascending - alternate arms reaching for the highest, the Truth of our Being, for Love.

Elevation - both hands reaching high, utilizing this Source as the momentum that propels us through life. Becoming the Cosmic Waves of Power and Light.

Opening - with one hand on hip the other reaches sideways, uniting with the wheel of Life around us, renewing from the Source within.

Liberation - symbolically parting with all that does not resonate with the I AM.

Clapping - celebrating that freedom, the hands form a chalice in which to receive the New.

Purification - gently breathing into our finger tips, we purify our word, our sound as co-creators of heaven on earth and broadcast our evolving truth.

Flying - with outstretched arms and wave like motion, we fly - in remembrance of our spiritual freedom, together as One.

Breathing - in the very last movement, we all face the center, the music - and with outstretched arms coming to touch our hearts, we tone nine times up and down the scale. Breathing or 'Dishane' in Bulgarian, is followed by The Blessing and Salutation.

Bulgarians refer to dancing Paneurhythmy as playing Paneurhythmy! We do after all 'play' music. Bulgarians also sing as they play, but Westerners, seemingly reluctant to either sing or learn Bulgarian, tend to hummm. So please - come play Paneurhythmy with me!

As I dance Paneurhythmy I AM a divine conduit between heaven and earth, allowing the Glory of the Father to merge with the Love of the Mother - through me. As we dance the sacred circle together, the entire Universe rejoices and celebrates through us'. Sananjaleen

Sananjaleen is blessed in her commitment to share and present Paneurhythmy around the world. She has danced far out to sea for the Humpback Whales off the coast of the Dominican Republic and in Bimini for the Dolphins. She has presented Paneurhythmy in Australia and Italy, at the American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention, at Erik Berglund's Millennium Gathering in Mount Shasta and at the Experience Festival of the Golden City in Southern India. Sananjaleen June Hughes, is available to present Paneurhythmy at Conferences and all Celebrations of Inspiration and Joy. For more information on Paneurhythmy and Peter Deunov (Beinsa Duono), please check Paneurhythmy in Bulgaria or contact Sananjaleen at


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