Title - Paneurhythmy in Bulgaria

Divine Cosmic Rhythm

Paneurhythmy, the Sacred Bulgarian Dance of Life, starts the day in joyous celebration of our oneness with Nature and the Cosmos. An expression of Divinity in form, Light in motion, Paneurhythmy unites heaven and earth through a series of 28 easily learned movements in a rhythmic circular walking dance. Balancing and honoring our expression of life on all levels, we become the mobile conduit between heaven and earth, Nature and the Cosmos. The flowers and trees do this naturally, but we become this channel in conscious motion. We are the movement or procession of Life through form. The Universe and Nature support us through the music, movement and our own joyous intent.

Traditionally celebrated outdoors each morning between the Spring and Fall Equinox in accordance with the energies of the Sun. Both music and movements were delivered over seventy years ago by the Bulgarian spiritual Master Peter Deunov, who said that the essence of his teachings are contained within this Dance. The Christ Teachings of Love, Wisdom and Truth.

Paneurhythmy is like surfing the Mother Wave! A joyful prayer in motion, a poetic meditation in movement. A gift from the Celestial Realms to prepare us for this time of Ascension, engaging Earth, the Cosmos - and you. Awakening us to our greatest potential, it assists on all levels of our being, promoting vibrational upliftment, co-ordination, concentration, balance, physical vigor, a strengthening of the nervous system and JOY. Some have seen us, the participants as dancing flowers. And some have seen the flowers, the nature spirits, dancing with us. Sometimes we experience the Masters of Light. Sometimes the animals or angels. We dance in celebration of our union with Nature. We dance our morning tribute to the Sun as tidal waves of radiance flow from our hearts to the far beyond.

Paneurhythmy is an inter-dimensional doorway that revitalizes our entire Being. Quickening and aligning the meridians and chakras, it brings heightened awareness to the dancers of all that is around, through and within. Local (earth) geometries are set in motion, triggering an expansion of Cosmic waves that extend beyond our conscious knowing. The Earth herself is blessed.

Panuerhythmy is based on a deep knowledge of the Laws of energy, radiation, frequency and the correlation between tone, form, movement, color, geometry and an idea. Movements correspond to tones, and as we dance the concepts of giving, receiving and renewal, we allow the Earth and Cosmos to do the same. Through us, the Earth opens her portals, her points of power, to give of her own energies, to receive of the Light. The Cosmos itself receives and is blessed and gives more. The earthly geometries or patterns of creation in the ethers around us are set in motion to higher frequencies as Paneurhythmy transforms and evolves, and the wheel of evolution is felt and experienced within the circle. We are the embodiment of Creative Principle, the Laws that comprise the Universe, and through Panuerhythmy we broadcast these ideals to the worlds around. Natural expansion of divine thought.

Panuerhythmy takes 45 minutes and is suitable for all ages. It creates balance and harmony on all levels of our being, opening us to a greater awareness of Nature, the Beings of Light and All That Is. Although complete in itself, Paneurhythmy may also be followed by two more dances. Sun Beams, an exchange of energies with the Solar System, and Pentagrams, an exchange with the Universe.

Quotes by Peter Deunov:

Paneurhythmy - the method which helps man restore his relationship with nature.

Paneurhythmy - a noetic exchange of energies with Living Nature.

Nothing else is demanded of you but to be in harmony with the entire Universe.


Paneurhythmy in the Rila Mountains

Every summer, those who follow the teachings of Peter Deunov, the spiritual Master Beinsa Duono, gather high in the Rila Mountains of Bulgaria to dance and sing. To hike and meditate. To pray and commune with Nature and the Beings of Light. Every morning they greet the rising sun. Silently they stand on the highest pinnacle in the misty pre dawn. And with the first glimmer of Light on the far horizon the violins and devotional songs of the Master greet the New Day.

After a simple breakfast in accordance with the vegetarian and nutritional guidelines of this Master, they hike to one of the sacred lakes and spend the morning dancing Panuerhythmy, Sun Beams and Pentagrams. Gathering more closely around the musicians and opera singers, the Brotherhood, as they term themselves, then share more of the glorious songs and music bequeathed them by their Master, a musician and composer himself.

The remaining day may be spent hiking higher into the surrounding mountains, sitting in contemplative silence around the sacred lakes or sharing a small picnic. In the evening there are concerts and evening prayers, singing, and announcements of which lake to gather at the following day.

For three weeks, I (Sananjaleen), shared this life, camped in my small tent during the summer of '99. The summer of the great eclipse of the sun, so vividly experienced at mid day at 8,500 ft. The joy and laughter, the youthfulness of these people in their 'natural' surroundings is extraordinary - for their daily life the rest of the year is very hard by our standards.

From my tent in the late afternoon I could look down the mountain side and see the horses arriving with ever more tents and baggage, while the brothers and sisters completed their four hour hike to reach our camping grounds. By August 19, the celebration of the Solar New Year, over 1500 people had arrived to dance the Paneurhythmy, nearly all dressed in white. And although normally, none but the musicians are allowed within the sacred circle, on this day television crews from Bulgaria and England are crawling around in all directions with their costly equipment. All carried in by the horses.

From this day on it seems, the weather starts deteriorating rapidly and there is a great exodus of tents, baggage and hikers heading back down the mountains until, by the end of the week, where once there were three great circles of dancers and up to 15 musicians in the center, there is now only one small circle and two or three players - before the changing seasons claim these Mountain for themselves.

Sananjaleen is blessed in her commitment to share and present Paneurhythmy around the world. She has danced far out to sea for the Humpback Whales off the coast of the Dominican Republic and in Bimini for the Dolphins. She has presented Paneurhythmy in Australia and Italy, at the American Society of Dowsers Annual Convention, at Erik Berglund's Millennium Gathering in Mount Shasta and at the Experience Festival of the Golden City in Southern India. Sananjaleen June Hughes, is available to present Paneurhythmy at Conferences and all Celebrations of Inspiration and Joy. For more information on Peter Deunov (Beinsa Duono), Paneurhythmy and ongoing groups in the Garden of Sananda (northern Virginia) please check Paneurhythmy at Sananda or contact Sananjaleen at sananda@gardenofsananda.com.


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