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The Garden of Sananda had been in existence for seven years before I was guided to make any flower essences. Indeed, there had been no garden at all - the birds didn’t even fly over this place when I first came. At just about the same time that I was receiving inner knowings on how to make the flower essences, I became aware that many Great Rays were being anchored in the garden. First to come was the The Spirit of Peace.

May 1992 - I am sitting on the front steps, surrounded by flowers and the song of birds. I am in a deep, deep state of peace. I am at peace.

“I AM the Peace of this new Dawn. I AM the Peace for which all long. I AM the Peace. I AM Peace. I AM the Spirit of Peace which came to Earth, returns to Earth and finds, as one returning from a lengthy absence, that times have changed. And where one once in innocence was welcomed in all homes, hearts have grown old and crotchety it seems, and one must step lightly in one’s own domain. An alien domain. And wait in silence until called.

Yes, I AM Peace, come home to dwell in freedom here (the garden of Sananda) and flower and seed, and spread my wings, and sing my song and flourish in the space that I am given. And all may call to me, and I shall hear, and merge my blessings with the caller’s song. Heartsongs united by Freedom’s longing for Itself.

The Spirit of Peace I AM. Know me in the songbirds call, and know me in the flower’s smile, for I have never left this Star at all. I merely hid myself in beauty. For there torn hearts and twisted minds shall never look, and thus cannot betray or mutilate a thing they know not of.

Yes, I am Peace. Spirit of Peace. I know you well, for you have never ceased to hold me dear e’en though at times you could not give me room. Yet always did you know where to find me, and so it shall be, and is. To all who would remember me in joy I come. And those who have no memory of my Self, my Song - shall I pass by.

I Am the Spirit of Peace, and I have found a home on Earth. So may you say, I AM Peace. I AM the Dance of Life, the Color of Happiness, the Song of Truth, the renewal of life (rain). For I AM the living Christ and I AM in all things.”

It seemed as though Peace needed places to anchor, retreats in which to grow and gather strength, dwelling places in order to manifest more fully. I am often curious when and where my own thoughts stop and a greater Thought begins. Such was the case with this ‘I am Peace’ thought. Thinking about this later I heard: “That is what a merge is. You cannot tell one from another, and yet retain the knowing that separate consciousnesses are involved and may be individualized if necessary. When you merge with the Christ Consciousness, you merge and have access to All That Is.”

And I remembered a time when I had asked the fairies, the nature spirits, where they were before they came to Sananda. And they said: “Dormant we were, as buds beneath the leaves - and Beauty called to us. And we came.”

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